Welcome to Summerdog!

Summerdog™ is the ultimate performance gear for dog and owner who are constantly out and about! With UV protection and cooling crystals built within, Summerdog™ has everything it needs to provide man's best friend with all-day sun protection while preventing overheating. This first-ever UV performance dog-shirt is designed to prevent heat stroke when damp or wet, allowing owner and pet countless hours of outdoor fun and sunshine no matter the temp!

Features & Benefits

Summerdog™ doesn't just block the rays! Built-in cooling crystals expand when wet to provide cooling to the dog's core and head for hours at a time.

Overheating isn't just caused from a hot day in the sun. It can happen at any time due to over exhaustion. Summerdog™ keeps you pets core temperatures cool in any scene!

Prototypes tested in-house have proven to drop body core temperatures from 7-12 degrees cooler!

Multi-Use! Doubles as a comfortable cover-up that serves not only as a UV shell that protects your pooch from harmful rays that cause sunburn and dehydration, but also a fun, fashionable rashguard for a day in the sun!


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